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Seasafe Hypo Hoist & Ribhoist multi award winning HypoHoist.

Seasafe Hypo Hoist & Ribhoist man overboard rescue equipment can be deployed with only one person, perfect for a lightly crewed vessel or couples sailing.

Standard versions are suitable for a Free Board of 1.5m.

Bespoke sized Hypo Hoists can also be manufactured for specific vessels, ships or super yachts.

SeaSafe manufacture three versions of the HypoHoist:

  • Rib Hoist no Ladder – Carabinas extra (min 4 needed)
  • Rib Hoist with Ladder – Carabinas extra (min 4 needed)
  • Hypo Hoist no Ladder
  • Hypo Hoist with Ladder

A major step forward in marine safety the HypoHoist man overboard rescue equipment has been specifically designed to rescue a conscious or unconscious person from the water and back onto the safety of the vessel.

Whilst minimising risk and injury to the casualty.

To see the HypoHoist in action, please see our information videos here – Videos

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg

Rib Hoist without Ladder, Rib Hoist with Ladder, Hypo Hoist without Ladder, Hypo Hoist with Ladder


By lifting a MOB vertically can cause a rapid drop in blood pressure, greatly increasing the chances of cardiac failure and neurological malfunctions, but the HypoHoist significantly reduces such risks – and the potential problems caused by the effects of immersion hypothermia – by maintaining the casualty in a constant horizontal position during and after recovery.

The main component of Hypo Hoist is its dual function cradle which can be used to either hoist and roll the MOB up the freeboard, level with the deck and back on to the craft, or to operate as a boarding ladder with hand holds to allow quick and easy access back onto the vessel.


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