SOLAS approved Emergency Rations


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SOLAS approved Emergency Food Rations 500g
These heat sealed vacuum-packed food rations are manufactured to military specs and are portion-controlled to keep a single castaway fed for eight days, or eight castaways fed for one day, while conserving natural body fluids.

Food energy value is a minimum of 10,000kj per each 500g pack and the bags can be opened by hand.

BV/MCA – 10,000 Kj per 500g pack. Shelf life of five years.

SOLAS survival water rations with a storage life of 5-years

Consists of 4 x 125ml hermetically sealed sachets giving a total of 500ml or 1/2 lite of water rations.
SOLAS approved Glucose Sweet Rations

A 170g tin of SOLAS approved quick release Glucose Sweet Rations for stowage in Liferafts and Survival Grab Bags (with a 3 Year Storage Life).

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