Flameguard Mk3 Fireman’s Outfit – SOLAS Approved



Ships Wheel and Solas Approved Fireman’s Outfit

Full Suit

Ships Wheel and SOLAS approved Fireman’s Outfit comprising Helmet, Jacket, Trousers, Fireman’s Gloves (an inner glove and a knitted/aluminized outer glove) and Fireman’s Boots.

Helmet (EN443)

The Kevlar Helmet includes a 2 mm thick flip-up visor (EN166) and neck curtain attached with touch and close fastener. Fast, single handed adjustment (54 – 64 cm). Polyester 3-point harness with quick release buckle.

Flameguard Mk 2 Suit (EN531)

The Flameguard Mk 2 Suit is a two piece garment with constructed in fire resistant natural fibre with a highly reflective outer layer. The jacket has a stand up collar, elasticated cuffs, and is closed by a touch and close fastening to the front and neck. The trousers have webbing bracers with adjuster and the lower leg is elasticated.

Fireman’s Boots (EN345-2)

Fire resistant Wellingtons, with flexible, soft rubber uppers, sanitised cotton linings, and slip resistant sole pattern with ladder grips.

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Weight 5.5 kg


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