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Life Jacket Automatic Capsules

Replacement automatic capsules and tablets.

UM Capsule (Mk5i) - £5.31 (+vat)
UM Capsule for Crewsaver (Mk3) - £5.36 (+vat)
UM Pro Sensor Capsule - £5.42 (+vat)
Halkey Roberts Bobbin - £5.29 (+vat)
Secumar Auto Tablet (per tablet) - £4.99 (+vat)
Suction cap with cord - £5.40 (+vat)

UM Auto Capsule

The UM Auto Cap is a screw on cartridge which activates on contact with water. This will replace the cap fitted to most SeaSafe Lifejackets. United Moulders Cartridge will fit all automatic lifejackets that use the UML Mk5 and UML Mk5i type inflator. 

UM Auto cap for Crewsaver

Similar to the UM Auto Cap with a screw on cartridge which activates on contact with water. This will only fit Crewsaver life jackets with Mk3 heads.

UM Pro Sensor Auto Capsule

The UM Pro Sensor Auto Cap is also a screw on cartridge which activates on contact with water. Pro Sensor Cartridges will fit all automatic lifejackets that use the UML Mk5 and UML Mk5i type inflator and also the Pro Sensor head. 

  • The above cartridge mechanism's has a compressed high powered spring which is held by a paper element. When the paper element dissolves it releases the spring which allows the firing mechanism to puncture the CO2 cylinder, the CO2 then travels through the manifold and inflates the lifejacket.

Halkey Roberts Bobbin

Also known as the 'super bobbin' fits all Halkey Roberts mechanisms.

The Bobbin is designed to disintegrate when exposed to water, this allows the firing mechanism to puncture the CO2 cylinder and fill the inflatable chamber.

Install Bobbin with the white pill facing the cap of the inflator. The Bobbin Assembly will slide in easily if installed correctly. Bobbin must be stored in a cool dry environment (65 ºF to 85 ºF , 19 ºC to 29 ºC). To ensure consistent service from your manual/automatic inflator the bobbin should be changed at regular intervals or replace bobbin more frequently in certain conditions or if the life jacket has not been stored correctly.

Secumar Auto Tablet

Soluble spare pills for all SECUMAR lifejackets with these firing mechanisms SECUMATIC 3001S, SECUMATIC 2000 or SECUMATIC 10. 

Each SECUMAR pill is individually weighed and tested for tolerances. So, for example, the weight tolerance is only 0.03 g (three hundreds of a gram). Any deviation in the consistency of the material would otherwise mean several seconds delay in activation of the lifejacket or in some circumstances non-activation of the lifejacket.

Suction cap with cord

For use with Mk5i UM auto capsule only. Using the suction cap with cord, you can quickly convert the operating mechanism from an Automatic to a Manual when needed for boarding Helicopters, or in enclosed areas,  etc.... The cap must to be removed once you are free from the enclosed area.

Unless you are knowledgable about life jackets, we recommend that you send your life jacket to us to be re-armed and re-packed. We service a huge amount of life jackets each year and we see many incorrectly packed or incorrectly 'loaded' which can put lives at risk.

It is recommended that Life Jackets are serviced annually, for commercial operators they must be serviced every year.

If the life jacket has been serviced in the previous year we will not charge for the Re-Arm and Re-Pack process. We only charge for replacement parts and carriage. If you use one of our Service points carriage is free. If the life jacket has not been recently serviced we will perform a service, prices start from £8.29 (+vat). If the life jacket needs any expensive replacement parts the customer will be advised prior to any work carried out.

If you drop your jackets off at a service point, carriage is free. This is the safest, simplest and hassle-free way of re-arming (or servicing) your life jackets. Click Here for a list of Service Points.

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