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SeaSafe’s Guarantee

SeaSafe's Guarantee

Information about the SeaSafe Guarantee

When you receive your new SeaSafe coat or life jacket you will receive a guarantee card, please register your SeaSafe life jackets and SeaSafe coats either by filling out the card supplied or using the online form click here.

The workmanship of SeaSafe made coats and life jackets is guaranteed for one year. 

Registration of your SeaSafe product is extremely important to record the ownership of our safety products. Registration information is completely secure, we will not pass on your details to any other companies and we will always be the only people to access your information. We use your information to ensure that our customers receive  the best possible service from SeaSafe. 

We will also provide you with service reminders when the products annual service is due. We are trying to improve safety at sea within the UK by teaching people about the importance of wearing a life jacket but also looking after and maintaining that life jacket. Please see our Rogues Gallery of dangerous and dilapidated life jackets to see how important it is not to be complacent and ensure your own life jackets and coats are annually serviced and maintained.

 For testimonials about the incredible quality and durability of SeaSafe products, please see here.


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