SOS Danbuoy

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This award winning product is suitable for all vessels but really comes into its own on vessels that are short-handed i.e. Husband and wife sailors.

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Simply throw the unit into the water & within seconds of immersion, it automatically inflates and stands 2m above the water. The light automatically activates, highly visible up to a mile away, even in 2 metre seas. Webbing loops allow the casualty to put their arms around the marker to help support them. When fatigued it gives them an extra sense of security & stability. Instantly deployed (can be thrown to the casualty immediately). No need to go to where a MOB unit is mounted and activate the release mechanism.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg


  • Highly portable, packed into a compact valise with throwing handle
  • SMALL – Only W180mm x H280mm x D70mmwhen packed – very easily stowed.
  • Automatic Pro-Sensor CO2 inflation system (as used in lifejackets)
  • Automatically inflates upon immersion in water and sits 2.5 metres above water level.
  • Sea Anchor / Drogue reduces downwind drift.
  • SOLAS reflective tape to improve visibility. Ensures faster detection, with easily spotted fluorescent yellow material with flying pennant to assist visibility.
  • The reflective yellow coloured material has the highest visibility rating under the UV searchlights used for detection in fog and inclement conditions.
  • Grab Handles to assist supporting person overboard.
  • Pea-less whistle attached.
  • Can be used as a marker by unclipping sea anchor and replacing it with a conventional anchor and chain.
  • Hi-visibilty, 2.5m streaming ribbon flag
  • Service window allows inspection of firing mechanism from outside valise


This portable, compact, self-contained rescue device is specifically designed to make rescue and recovery a simpler operation. WHEN THE SECONDS COUNT Just throw… It automatically inflates. Automatically inflates using 33 gram CO2 Cylinder.  This will save 5+ seconds which when a vessel is travelling at 6+ knots in a moderate swell could prove critical to the ultimate survival of the casualty. In most cases the helmsman would not need to leave the helm to help the unfortunate victim. The SOS Dan Buoy is easy and simple to use – just throw it to  the person overboard.


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