Man Overboard Rescue Training lifebuoys hypohoist. rib hoist matesaver horseshoe. sos danbuoy.

Traditional soft horseshoe lifebuoys with choice of lights and accessories. Soft traditional horseshoe lifebuoys designed for long term durability and suitable for all crew members. Man Overboard Rescue & Training. All horseshoes come with a 6mm floating safety line, a high visibility zip on cover and are available in yellow or white. Simply throw the unit into the water & within seconds of immersion, it automatically inflates and stands 2m above the water.

hypohoist overboard rib hoist

The original & innovative, multi award winning HypoHoist. Can be deployed with only one person, perfect for a lightly crewed vessel or couples sailing. Standard Man Overboard Rescue & Training versions are suitable for a Free Board of 1.5m. Bespoke sized Hypo Hoists can also be manufactured for specific vessels, ships or super yachts. SeaSafe manufacture three versions of the HypoHoist. By lifting a MOB vertically Man Overboard Rescue & Training. can cause a rapid drop in blood pressure, greatly increasing the chances of cardiac failure and neurological malfunctions.