lifejacket servicinglifejacket servicingGood looking lifejacket………………but will it work!!

Lifejackets, like all safety equipment, should be checked and serviced at regular intervals. This is to ensure they fulfil their function when needed.
SeaSafe are committed to Life Jacket Servicing for on the water safety and we are an approved Lifejacket Service Point for all of the UK.

Whether you are a commercial or a leisure customer with one, two or ten Life Jackets needing servicing, we can help. Either use one of our Drop-off Service Points listed or send direct. We aim to keep delivery costs to a minimum via one of our Drop-Off Points. For leisure users postage is free but postage costs will be added if returning to a non-service point address or non-serviced LifeJackets.

Servicing starts from £12.95 including VAT, quotes given upon request. Forms are available at the Drop-off Points or you can download the form by clicking here. If you are unable to find a service point please contact us on 01983 282388 and we will help you get your lifejackets to our Service Department.

If you would like us to arrange pick up directly from yourselves please use this online form – click here. Currently UK Only. Prices from £9.50 + Vat each way dependent on size and the quantity of the box(s). 

If you are shipping your lifejacket(s) to us for our Life Jacket Servicing, DO NOT use Royal Mail unless you have removed the CO2 bottle(s) from inside the lifejacket or coat. Alternatively  use a courier that allows safe transport of lifejackets with co2 bottles installed. Please check with the courier. Transporting lifejackets are not classed as hazardous providing this disclaimer is used – “LifeJacket Not Restricted as per IATA PI955 or ADR SP296” written clearly on the outside of the box.