3/4 Lunghezza Mariner Livello 100

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Approved to EN ISO 12402-4:2006+A1:2010 – Automatic

Approvato secondo EN ISO 12402-6:2006+A1:2010 - Manuale

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Cappotto Mariner a 3/4 di lunghezza con un giubbotto di salvataggio automatico o manuale integrato con un sistema a due strati che crea una barriera impermeabile, traspirante e antivento al 100%.
  • Giubbotto di salvataggio integrato 150 Newton
  • Optional – Deck Safety Harness, D-Ring & Front & Rear Lifting Becket
  • Gonfiaggio di backup orale
  • Gonfiaggio completamente automatico o manuale (bombola di CO2 da 33g)
  • Back up Manuale Pull
  • Fischietto a scomparsa
  • Cintura in vita
  • Cuciture nastrate - 100% impermeabile
  • Due tasche esterne
  • Vola in velcro
  • Cappuccio a scomparsa in collare
  • 15 tessuti / colori tra cui scegliere
  • Opzione di 2 colori (superiore/inferiore) o 1 tinta unita
  • Cotton Chintz Plain Lining (options available see Internal Option choices)
  • Sistema impermeabile a doppio strato composto da 100% impermeabile / traspirante / antivento Doppia barriera
  • Prodotto in Gran Bretagna

Ulteriori informazioni

Peso 7,8 kg
Dimensione del cappotto

Piccolo, Medio, Grande, Grande, XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge, XXXXLarge, XXXXLarge

Tipo di inflazione

Automatico, Manuale

Colore di base

Nero, Navy, Verde, Oro, Oliva, Beige, Giallo tenero, Hi-Viz Yellow, International Orange, Standard Red, Hi-Viz Red, Flourescent Orange, Navy ASFR, Hi-Viz Orange ASFR, Hi-Viz Yellow ASFR

Colori Top

Soft Yellow Top Yoke, Hi-Viz Yellow Top Yoke, International Orange Top Yoke, Standard Red Top Yoke, Hi-Viz Red Top Yoke, Flourescent Orange Top Yoke, Hi-Viz Orange ASFR Top Yoke, Hi-Viz Yellow ASFR Top Yoke, Soft Yellow Waist Level, Hi-Viz Yellow Waist Level, International Orange Waist Level, Standard Red Waist Level, Hi-Viz Red Waist Level, Flourescent Orange Waist Level, Hi-Viz Orange ASFR Waist Level, Hi-Viz Yellow ASFR Waist Level

Nastro riflettente retroriflettente

Bande da braccio, bande a spalla, bande da braccio e da spalla, nastro retrò di classe 2, nastro retrò di classe 3


Pantaloncini impermeabili - cuciture nastrate, vita elastica. (colore abbinato alla metà inferiore del mantello) Impermeabile Hi-Fits - cuciture nastrate, bretelle elastiche. (colore abbinato alla metà inferiore del mantello) Impermeabile Hi-Fits Plus - cuciture nastrate, bretelle elastiche, sistema impermeabile a doppio strato, zone rinforzate, soffietti con zip a velcro. (colore abbinato alla metà inferiore del mantello)

1 review for 3/4 Length Mariner Level 100

  1. Jon Aschoff (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    They should not sell float coats without a crotch strap.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Dave Tolley (store manager)

      This is a very interesting point Jon.

      I do agree that crotch straps should be worn when wearing a Lifejacket. This is primarily to make sure that the wearer doesn’t fall through the Lifejacket on inflation. However this is not the case with a SeaSafe coat with an integral inflatable lung. A SeaSafe coat inflates around the body and therefore holds the body tightly and in doing so makes it impossible to fall through. There is an option for the customer to add a crotch strap with our ‘Build-a-Coat’ products if they so wish, all of our standard 170N & 275N lifejackets are sold with one.

      Let me give you some background on this very important subject.
      All Lifejackets have to go through a series of tests before they get certificated for use. There is no requirement within the tests that the wearer has to use a crotch strap and that is why so many Lifejackets in the past never had them fitted. The main reason why crotch straps are not featured is that a Lifejacket WHEN CORRECTLY WORN should on inflation place the casualty in the correct position without any help from a crotch strap. The main problem is that very few people wear their Lifejackets correctly and therefore they have the risk of falling out of their Lifejacket or at the very least the Lifejacket is unable to put the casualties into the correct position.

      So coming back to the point.
      Best practice would quite clearly suggest that a crotch strap should be worn on all Lifejackets at all times.
      With regard to SeaSafe and the Mariner jacket. Many years ago we at SeaSafe thought that legislation would make it mandatory for crotch straps to be fitted to all Lifejackets, so we incorporated our beaver tail. However this has never happened, but we felt that adding a crotch piece would help to retain body heat and reduce flushing.

      I hope the above helps your decision making process, but please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.


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