Spare Carbon Fibre Style Covers for Pro-Zip or I-Zip Life Jackets

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Choose from an impressive selection of covers for your magnificent life jacket; whether it is the more professional Pro Zip or the fun and delightful I Zip.

You can choose any fabric to be made into a brand new cover.

On the arrival of your resplendent new cover, you can simply zip it onto your exisiting Pro Zip or I Zip life jacket following the photo or video guides.

If you are a trifle hesitant and would like SeaSafe to fit your cover, simply let us know and we will arrange for the swap to be carried out during the annual service.

SeaSafe life jackets were developed to encourage people to always want to don a life jacket.

NB : Cette housse ne peut être utilisée que sur un gilet de sauvetage SeaSafe Pro Zip ou I Zip.

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Azure, Bronze, Granite, Graphite, Silver


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