Our servicing department has found a lot of lifejackets in shocking conditions, click on the photos below to open them bigger and see the shocking Rogues Gallery photos in detail.

You must take care of your life jacket, it is a piece of safety equipment that needs to be maintained. Get your Life Jacket serviced annually, drop it off at a SeaSafe LifeJacket Pick-Up Point and your life jacket will be collected, serviced and returned all within 14 working days.

  • Neglected lifejackets
  • Incorrectly assembled operating mechanisms
  • Operating mechansims with pieces missing
  • Damaged lungs
  • Rips. Tears. Burns
  • Expired, out of date jackets
  • Rotting, damp and mouldy
  • Used and never re-armed jackets
  • Loose or detached CO2 Gas bottles
  • No automatic firing cap and Manual puller hidden away
  • Little fingers using lifejackets as toys
  • Even holes created by poppy’s or pin badges being worn!

Servicing costs just £12.95, plus any parts you may need.

Most of the LifeJackets above failed the service and we can safely say that most would not have worked.